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Organic Cotton

Our Commitment To You to create healthier bedding
for your sleep space.

why buy 100% organic cotton?

Organic Bedding
  • Long-lasting Quality

    Organic cotton lasts five times longer than non-organic and gets softer with every wash.

  • Safe & Certified Bedding

    Our organic bedding is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and GOTS certified.

  • Better For You & The Planet

    Organic bedding is sourced in the most ethical and sustainable ways from seed to production.

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Organic Bedding: Eco & Sustainable Bedding

Many teens care a lot about the planet. And that’s a good thing. After all, everyone wants to enjoy nature with their friends and family for a long time. If you’re passionate about conserving the world’s trees and forests, protecting endangered species and keeping the planet safe from pollution, you’re a green teen. And we salute you. Looking for ways to make your bedroom an eco-friendly haven? At PBteen, we appreciate the environment too. That’s why we offer lots of green options when it comes to everything from our furniture to bedding and decor. Our teen organic bedding is good for the planet, good for you, and good for other people. Here’s why.

Our organic bedding is made without any kind of harsh chemicals. What does that mean? Well, when cotton is growing, some farmers spray lots of pesticides and herbicides on it to get rid of bugs. But not with organic materials. Zero pesticides – or any other toxic chemical – are used during the growing process. In fact, at every step of the way, from harvesting to the finished product, our organic items are 100 percent free of harmful chemicals. Now, how does that benefit the Earth?

No toxic chemicals means no pollution. That way animals, rivers, lakes, oceans and nature all stay safe and protected. Other farmers who use pesticides use a lot of them. But it doesn’t all stay on the plants. When it rains, some of those dangerous chemicals sink into the ground and hurt the animals that eat other vegetation nearby. The rest of the toxic liquids run into streams and lakes, causing pollution for fish and other wildlife. It even affects humans if the chemicals get into a water supply or the food we eat. And that’s why organic is so awesome.

Organic materials are also good for you. How? Well, with zero chemicals, you can breathe easy and enjoy fresh air. There aren’t any dangerous odors or gasses to worry about. All you feel is the gentle surface of cotton or linen, smooth and fresh. The only smells in your room come from scented candles or any perfume you like to use. And because organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic too, it helps big time if you have to deal with allergies.

By shopping Fair Trade bedding, you also help other people. The workers in farms and factories where we produce our organic products can smile just as much as you do. They don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals either, which is important for their health and their families too.

Of course, its positive impact on the world is not the only reason organic bedding is so great. It’s also supersoft and exquisitely elegant. Cotton percale lasts a long time, and treats your skin to a smooth experience. Cotton sheet sets and comforters are very popular because they’re so fresh. Even if it gets really warm outside, cotton keeps you cool all night long. And since it’s also tightly woven, in the winter time it does the opposite. Wrap yourself up in a cotton blanket to stay toasty when you sleep.

What are some other ways to accessorize a green bedroom? Look for natural colors and neutral tones. Sustainably sourced rugs made from jute or seagrass are natural and exotic too. Choose wood furniture around the room in your favorite finish. When looking at furniture, pick out pieces that are FSC-certified. That means they’re grown in sustainable forests that take care of the animals and habitats inside them.

Keep your room bright and airy with light colors. Gray, ivory and taupe all fit right in, make you feel happy and give you a positive attitude throughout the day. If you have windows in your room, let as much sunlight and fresh air inside as possible. Having layered drapes helps. During the day, use your sheers. They give the room a soft glow and blow easily in the breeze. At night, block out the noises outside and street lights with blackout curtains.