How to Hang a Tapestry: 10 Different Styles

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A tapestry is an easy and elegant way to decorate your space. From bold patterns and bright colors to neutral wall hangings, tapestries can be exactly what you need to take your room to the next level. Check out our go-to methods for how to hang a tapestry below to help your space make a statement.



How to hang a tapestry: 10 different stlyes

10 Different Ways to Hang a Tapestry

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From unique methods to damage-free tricks, here are the best methods for how to style a tapestry.


1. Adhesive Hooks

For a damage-free method — for both your walls and the tapestry — adhesive hooks can offer an easy solution for displaying your wall hanging. If you’re in college or move frequently, this is also an ideal method: It’s easy to hang up and take down when needed.


• Tie loops of rope or string to the top corners of the tapestry to hang on the wall hooks.

• If you’re crafty, you can attach grommets to the corners of your tapestry so that it’s easy to hang and the fabric won’t fray. Some tapestries come with grommets already, so if this is your preferred method of hanging, keep an eye out when shopping for tapestries.

• You can also improvise and use curtain rings for a bit of easy glam. 


2. Velcro Strips

This is another favorite damage-free method that’s perfect if you want to avoid needing extra hardware to hang your tapestry. This will also give you a much cleaner look when your tapestry is hung — hooks, clips, pins and nails are nowhere to be seen with this method.


• Measure your tapestry, then the wall to mark off where you want it to hang.

• Attach the adhesives to the tapestry and the wall. Be sure you give them plenty of time to set before hanging. 

• You can put velcro on all four corners or just the top. Depending on how large your tapestry is, it may be best to add an extra strip or two to the middle of the top row for extra security. 


3. Nails or Pushpins

layered watercolor tapestry

This is a go-to method for hanging a tapestry. If your wall hanging has a large enough weave (to prevent poking holes in it) and isn’t too heavy, this is a great method.  


• Place a pin or nail in each top corner of the tapestry for an elegant drape.

• Display the wall hanging with a row of nails or pins across the top for a neater look and stronger hold. 

• If you’d like to keep it secure, add a few pins or nails on the bottom corners.

• Opt for this method when you can easily hide the pins or nails, like on a tapestry with corner tassels


4. From the Ceiling

This is a great idea for a college dorm with ceiling tiles or a room with limited wall space. Opt for a vertical tapestry to ensure there’s plenty of material to hang from the ceiling.


• Tuck the ends of the tapestry under ceiling tiles.

• Attach adhesive hooks to the ceiling and suspend the corners of your tapestry from grommets or curtain rings.

• If your ceiling is drywall, nails or pushpins will work fine. Be sure to add a few extra to help keep gravity at bay.  

• For a college dorm with a less-than-ideal light fixture, you can drape a tapestry over to create a billowed effect and block some of the harsh light. 

• You can even use it to divide a shared room or dorm for added elegant privacy. 


5. Tapestry Rod

palm tree sunset tapestry mural

For tapestries that have a designated slot for a rod, this is an ideal method. It prevents damage to your tapestry, and allows you to easily move it if need be.  


• Choose a dowel or tapestry rod that’s big enough to hold the wall hanging, yet smaller than the wall. Attach it to wall hooks or even hang it from the ceiling. 

• Some tapestries come with rods built in, so they’re easy to hang from a single nail. 


6. Window Covering

tapestry hung in front of windows

A tapestry can easily serve as a unique solution for window treatments. For a bold design, opt for a wall hanging with a distinct pattern, while a light and sheer design can help give your room an airy feel without compromising on privacy.   


• Hang it on a curtain rod to cover blinds and create a flowy, billowed effect.

• Secure the wall hanging with pushpins over the window for an illuminated look. 


7. Rope or Cable System

If you have a crafty spirit, this method is for you. Break out a needle and thread so you can string a rope through the top of your tapestry. A cable system is a great alternative if you aren’t as crafty and prefer to just clip your tapestry to hang it up.


• Sew a small pocket on the top of the tapestry that’s just big enough to hold the rope.

• Run the rope through the pocket, then hang it from hooks or nails. 

• This is an ideal method for a lighter panel that looks best when it can flow.  

• Hanging your tapestry with a cable system can help it cover up a cabinet or your work area under a loft bed for added privacy. 


8. Bed Canopy

mandala tapestries draped over bed

Time to improvise! A wall tapestry can serve double-duty as decor and a bed canopy.


• Attach two corners to your headboard and use some of our strategies for hanging the tapestry on the ceiling to suspend the other end. 

• Attach a small hook or piece of rope to the middle of the tapestry to help suspend it in a canopy-like fashion.


9. Frame It

This method is definitely a little more in-depth, but totally worth it if you’re looking for an elegant, sleek look.  


• Pick out a frame that’s big enough to hold your tapestry.

• Iron the tapestry first or toss it in the dryer on the gentle cycle to help get rid of any wrinkles. 

• Feel free to add small adhesives to the back of the tapestry to help keep it from bunching in the frame.

• This is a great strategy if you’re creating a gallery wall and want to give everything a cohesive look.


10. Poster Hanger

This is an elegant strategy to keep your tapestry even and flush with the wall.


• Opt for a larger poster hanger to secure as much of the top of the tapestry as you can. If necessary, get two smaller ones and hang them side by side. 

• If you only have hangers for the top of the poster, feel free to add a pin or two to the bottom to help keep the tapestry close to the wall.


night sky tapestry

Whether you prefer a classic tapestry display or you’re ready to get a little creative, styling your wall decor is a great way to make your space uniquely yours. Try out some of our ideas above and be sure to check out other wall accessories to complete your look.