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Checklist: Dorm Bathroom Accessories

When you're planning what to bring with you to college, be sure you have all the dorm bathroom accessories you need. Part of college life is sharing a bathroom, sometimes with a number of other people, so you'll be glad you took the time to make your life easier with caddies, cases, personalized towels, a soft college bathrobe and more. Choose dorm bathroom accessories in signature prints, your favorite colors or a new take on a look you've always wanted to try. With monogramming options available, your bathroom accessories become a vital and stylish part of your dorm lifestyle.

Making Sure You Have The Essentials

Be sure you have all the essentials before the semester begins. By taking the time to select what you need now, you'll be able to focus on the fun aspects of dorm living, like choosing a new aesthetic and checking out what new friends and roommates are doing with their decor.

  • Equip yourself with a shower caddy. These soft bags include the main body of the bag, plus lots of large pockets along the outer walls. The pockets fit shampoo, conditioner or body wash bottles.
  • A hanging caddy comes in handy for smaller dorm bathroom accessories. Use yours to store hair ties, razors, hand creams, face lotions, oils and more.
  • Select bath towels you'll look forward to using every time. Soft, fluffy organic cotton choices in a variety of stylish colors make it easy to spot your towel in your dorm or when doing laundry.

More Dorm Shower Accessories

Add to your collection of basic dorm bathroom accessories with a few additional cases. These pouches come in handy for all sorts of things at college, so feel free to stock up on a number of shapes and sizes.

  • Look for weekender cases that are perfect for day trips, overnights or a fun jaunt back home or to check out something local to your college. Handles and a zip-close make these easy to pack.
  • A basic Dopp kit lets you stash sample and full-sized bottles and other toiletries with structured walls that make it easy to see everything inside.
  • Hanging shower kits loop over a hook in the shower stall with you for ease of use. Store exfoliators, brushes and more in these pieces that are made to get wet.

Laundry Accessories Make Life Easier

Finalize your checklist with a few laundry accessories. While you may be more focused on fashion or decor over chores while at college, laundry is a reality. Hook yourself up with a laundry bag that is easy to tie, carry and even throw in the wash with your other loads.