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Organize Your Space With Dorm Storage

Your dorm room might not be big on space, but that doesn't mean it has to be cluttered or disorganized. With the right dorm storage, you can design a well-organized room that maximizes the space you have. In this Pottery Barn Teen collection, discover organizational units designed to keep your books and school supplies in order, electronics charged and safely stored and clothes and jewelry tucked away but always accessible. Mix-and-match the right organizational tools to design a dorm room that's packed with storage personalized for you.

For the Desk

Make study time easier by creating an organized desk. This collection includes many tools to add to your dorm room desk to ensure you have everything you need for successful study sessions. Transform your ordinary dorm room desk with personalized desk mats that can feature your monogram. College desk organizers include rotating caddies, utensil holders, a divided tray and magazine holder. These items boast an array of styles, from sturdy cork accessories to others featuring a rose gold finish. Pick up a collection for a coordinated look.

For Clothes and Linens

If your dorm room closet isn't spacious, it's time to get creative. Dorm trunks are an effective way to store larger items like clothes and extra bath towels and dorm bedding. Slip these trunks under your bed, or leave them at the foot of your bed for easy access to your favorite outfits.

For the Wall

Floor space is at a premium in a dorm room, so you want to find other ways to organize. Dorm wall organization units make the most of every inch of space in your dorm room. This collection includes several wall dorm storage options. Pinboards are perfect for showcasing favorite photos and posting important reminders. A framed dry erase board calendar mounted above your desk allows you to keep track of your busy schedule. Wire photo grids are another way to feature your favorite photos on the wall. To keep jewelry organized, try an over-the-door storage unit that includes hooks for hanging favorite necklaces.

For Accessories

Even with the right storage solutions for your larger items, you still might have some miscellany in your dorm room. Bins and baskets are versatile storage solutions. Place them on your desk, nightstand or bookshelves, and keep smaller items out of sight but accessible. Fill them with electronic accessories like chargers and remote controls, fashion accessories like scarves and jewelry or extra school supplies.

Dorm storage is easier thanks to Pottery Barn Teen. This diverse collection of products keeps your dorm organized from wall to wall, ensuring that all of your belongings have a spot to call home.